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Liu, Yen-Wenn
  • Project Assistant Professor
  • Education: PhD in Pharmacy, Taipei Medical University ; Postdoc. Research, Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, National Yang-Ming University
  • Office: R512, 5F, Tradition Medicine Building
  • Phone: 886-2-28267000#5641


Probiotics; Psychobiotics; Functional lactic acid bacteria; Immunomodulation; Pharmacy.



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  • Yu-Ling Huang, Chia-Hsin Lee, Jyh-Fei Liao, Yen-Wenn Liu, Wen-Fei Chiou*. Protective effects of ugonin K on hydrogen peroxide-induced osteoblast cell damage. Journal of Functional Foods. 2015, 15: 487-496.


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