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Chen, Hong-Chen
  • Professor
  • Education: PhD, Pathology, Cornell University, NY, USA
  • Office:  R608, 6FTradition Medicine Building
  • Phone: 886-2-28267200 (Dean Office) ; 886-2-28267123 (Office) ; 886-2-28267000#5653 (Lab)
  • Email:
1.Role of Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK) in Tumor Invasion.
2.Role of Protein Kinase C-delta in Cell Migration and Cell-cell Junctions.
3.Interaction between Oncogenes Ras and Src

Chen, C.-L., Wang, S.-H., Chan, P.-C., Shen, M.-S., Chen, H.-C*.  (2016). Phosphorylation of E-cadherin at threonine 790 by protein kinase Cδ reduces β-catenin binding and suppresses the function of E-cadherin.,Oncotarget. vol.7, pp.37260-37276. (SCI)

Chang, C.-H., Chan, P.-C., Li, J.-R., Chen, C.-J., Shieh, J.-J., Fu, Y.-C., Chen, H.-C*., and Wu, M-.J.* (2015) Gab1 is essential for membrane translocation, activity and integrity of mTORCs after EGF stimulation in urothelial cell carcinoma.,Oncotarget. vol.6, pp.1478-1489. (SCI)
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Hsieh, Y.-T., Chou, M.–M., Chen, H.-C*. and Tseng, J.-J.* (2013) IMP1 promotes choriocarcinoma cell migration and invasion through novel effectors RSK2 and PPME1.,Oncology. vol.131, pp.182-190. (SCI)
Pan, Y.-R., Cho, K.-H., Lee, H.-H., Chang, Z.-F., and Chen, H.-C*. (2013) Protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP2 suppresses podosome rosette formation in Src-transformed fibroblastsJournal of Cell Science. vol.126, pp.657-666. (SCI)
Pan, Y.-R., Tseng, W.-S., Chang, P.-W., Chen and H.-C*. (2013) Phosphorylation of moesin by Jun N-terminal kinase is important for podosome rosette formation in Src-transformed fibroblasts., Journal of Cell Science. vol.126, no.24, pp.5670-5680. (SCI)
Pan, Y.-R., Cho, K.-H., Lee, H.-H., Chang, Z.-F., and Chen, H.-C*. (2013) Protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP2 suppresses podosome rosette formation in Src-transformed fibroblasts,Journal of Cell Science. vol.126, no.24, pp.5670-5680. (SCI)
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Chen, C.-L., Lin, Y.-P., Lai, Y.-C., and Chen, H.-C*. (2011) α-Adducin translocates to the nucleus upon loss of cell-cell adhesionsTraffic 12. pp.1327-1340.
Chen, T.-H., Chan, P.-C., Chen, C.-L., and Chen, H.-C*. (2011) Phosphorylation of focal adhesion kinase on tyrosine 194 by Met leads to its activation through relief of autoinhibition ,Oncogene 30. pp.153-166. (SCI)
Chen, C.-L., Chan, P.-C., Wang, S.-W., Pan, Y.-R., and Chen, H.-C*. (2010) Elevated expression of protein kinase Cδinduces cell scattering upon serum deprivation, Journal of Cell Science 123. pp.2901-13. (SCI)
Chan, P.-C., Sudhakar, J. N., Lai, C.-C., and Chen, H.-C*. (2010) Differential phosphorylation of the docking protein Gab1 by c-Src and the hepatocyte growth factor receptor regulates different aspects of cell functions, Oncogene 29. pp.698-710. (SCI)



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